Features & Advantages

Why choose DVR2010 as your DVR/NVR?

  • Over 15 years of Software development
  • Operating System supplied on 4GB Read Only Flash drive
  • DVR2010 Software runs as a Windows service, no log on required
  • Expanded support for IP cameras and Encoders
  • True Hybrid capability—Analog and IP cameras supported in the same system with the same software.
  • All camera settings are independent, set up to four different frame rates by ½ hour of day and/or day of week.
  • Configure DVR2010 from anywhere using our remote configuration tool
  • UPS included in cost of core system
  • Complete Immervison lens functionality supported
  • Multiple display support with display profiles (up to 64 simultaneous camera views perDisplay Manager)
  • ATM and POS data capture supported, Ethernet, SDLC, Bisync,Async, POS
  • 3 year warranty on all PC hardware